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Dictionary Database

On this page I have a sample view of the SpreadSheet/Database with the Egyptian Dictionary.

The sample below is a section of the English version of the Demotisches Glossar of Erichsen.  Even in its present format, it is fully searchable.  I'm in the process of verifying the translations and the accuracy of my typing [not at all a given].  It also includes links to the pages in both the DG and WB and if you have scanned versions of these resources the spread sheet can be linked to the appropriate pages.  Eventually, I hope to have an on-line database which will be searchable on-line and will generate the proper page of the DG or WB on request.

How the spread sheet is organized.

Column 1, has the transliteration of the Egyptian/Demotic word with the standard font used in WB, DG, CDME, and others.


Column 2 has examples or usage of the word.

Column 3 is an English translation.

Column 4 is the German Original from either DG or WB.  I have left the German intact to provide a point of reference in case my translation is faulty.

Column 5 is the DG reference.
Column 6 is the WB reference.
Column 6 is the Coptic descendent [if existing]

Tools and Materials

In order to use the Dictionary (in this format), you will need to make some modifications to Excel - for instance, several autocorrect features MUST be turned off or it will modify the text.  For instance, TAj would be auto corrected to Taj.  Also, when searching, you must select "match case" or both of the above entries would be found (perhaps not always a bad thing).
Also, in order to see the transliteration in a "transliteration" font, this font must be installed.  I will provide the one I use as a download as well as the Coptic font I use.  The transcriptions use the same correspondences as the MdC.


In this area I'll define any specialized vocabulary that it's helpful to know in order to perform the tasks described on this page.

Egyptological Texts and Dictionary Resources